September 30, 2012



Upcoming Performances

1013104_685066191505902_1818856405_nTainted Promise

In partnership with OHSU Hemophilia Treatment Center and The Hemophilia Foundation of Oregon 

Well Arts, OHSU Hemophilia Treatment Center, and the Hemophilia Foundation of Oregon will partner to produce Tainted Promise. The workshop will explore the experiences of people living with hemophilia, their families and the caregivers who provide their treatment.11002653_977539442258169_1708521390240453396_n

Past Productions

Hollywood Senior Center Writers, Spring 2011 From back left: Karla Daniel, Shirley Hendrickson, Yvonne Williams, (Katy Liljeholm, youthful facilitator), Bill Punton (and Miles) Ardis BayLaurel. Not pictured is Helen Villalobos!
Actors Samson Syharath, Sean Andries, Writer Gary Gilbert, The Unexpected Guest

2015 – 2016 Season

IMG_8926Breaking Rank
In Partnership with Returning Veterans Project and Wise Counsel and Comfort

Written By
Jeanne Clayton (BM3, Navy)
Patti Jay (SSGT, Air National Guard)
Jojo Jackson (Airforce/Army)
Layna Lewis (Enlisted, Army)
Sandy Scott (Officer, Air Force/Air Nat. Guard)

Facilitated and Directed by Jessica Dart

Margie Boule, Stephanie Cordell, Garland Lyons, Sofia May-Cuxim, Cecily Overman, Andrea White


In the News

12734042_10153225578397038_2968069790232889117_n-2Breaking Rank

Veterans Voices Interview

Stage and Studio Interview

Broadway World Review

Theatre Reviews by Dennis Sparks

Portland Tribune

2014 – 2015 Season

ATT00001 Maybe It’s Because…I’m so Versatile
In partnership with P:ear

Facilitated and Directed by Angie Collins and Ann Singer

Amanda Andersen, Chip Sherman

Fierce Love
In partnership with United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon and SW Washington

IMG_8706Written by Ann Connor-Griffin, Susan Cushman, Danae Davison, Michelle Haines, Jennifer Peterson, Nicole Silverman

Facilitated and Directed by Heath Hyun Houghton and Erica Terpening-Romeo

Arlena Barnes, Zoë Rudman, Diana Schultz, Jeannette Swafford, Chelsie Thomas, Sumi Wu

WAI fierce love actors

 In the News

Maybe It’s Because I’m So Versatile

Oregon Live

Fierce Love

The Portland Tribune

Stage and Studio Radio Interview 

The Crippled Critic


I Wander, It Calls
in partnership with NAMI

Director Katy Liljeholm and the cast of Just Like You

Facilitated and Directed by Katy Liljeholm

Written by Karen Baker, Caleb Ennes, Jan Goakey, Jenny, Kyle Kersten, Lynn Lucky, Michelle, Robin Layne, W. Johnson, Anonymous

Michael Chambers, Alan Hakim, David Loftus, Corey Maier, Chelsie Thomas 

This is a drop in workshop for people living with mental illness, as well as caregivers,  family, and friends of people living with mental illness. The current theme is: “Creative Realities”. We’re working with poetry and dialogue to explore the unique perspectives and perceptions of our participants!  The poems, vignettes and monologues written in this workshop will be curated into a script.  

WAI I Wander

Just Like You
in partnership with NW Down Association

Cast of Just Like You

Facilitated and Directed by Katy Liljeholm

Written by Gabrielle Bolivar, Abigail Braithwaite, Alicia Delashmut, Susan Fleming, Sheyla Hirshon, Angela Jarvis-Holland

Amanda Andersen, Sarah Degrave, Ander Liljeholm, Katie McLean, Heather Nichelle-Peres, Cecily Overman

This is a two-month workshop, in October and November, with parents of children with disabilities, through NW Downs Syndrome Association.  We’ll help the parents write vignettes and monologues about their experiences, and their children, with at least two sessions with the children themselves (paired with volunteer scribes). The parents at NW Downs Syndrome Association want to tell stories that counteract the popular belief that being a good parent to a children with Downs Syndrome requires superhuman effort. Their families are like so many others. We want to take away some of the mystery and stigmatization around living with Downs Syndrome, and help empower audiences to feel confident to approach people with Downs in their own community.  Check out our performances page to see the performance

WAI Just Like You

Stories: Teen Girls in Transition
in partnership with Boys and Girls Aid of Portland, Pettygrove

Stories: Teen Girls in Transition

Facilitated and Directed by Angie Collins and Ann Singer

For the past four years The Stories Series has reached such eclectic groups as college students from around the world, writers from Street Roots, and middle school kids. We’ve heard their stories from culture shock to homelessness and middle school purgatory. For the 5th Anniversary of the Stories series, teenage girls from Boys and Girls Aid explore the dark side of innocence, dig up their turbulent pasts with humor and spunk and come through it all growing towards peace and forgiveness through story telling. “Stories: From Teenage Girls” is written and performed by girls 14-18 in a transitional program at Boys and Girls Aid of Portland, produced by Well Arts and will be performed at the Sellwood Playhouse.

FotorCreated (2)

The Unexpected Guest
in partnership with MS Society of Oregon

The cast of The Unexpected Guest

Facilitated and Directed by Heath Hyun Houghton

Written by Gary Gilbert, Gina Mattioda, Julie Mae Muiderman, Bryony Nesbitt

Amanda Andersen, Sean Andries, Bonnie Littleton, Samson Syharath, Kat Templeton

Ten years ago, Well Arts partnered with the National MS Society to do a four-month writing workshop, resulting in our performance, “Surviving MS”.  Well, not only are our participants surviving, but ten years later their lives are rich and full (the good news) and many more people have joined their ranks (the bad news).  In honor of this event, National MS Society and Well Arts are partnering again to create, The Unexpected Guest. This two-month playwriting workshop will be held at National MS Society: Oregon from November-January!  We’ll be focusing on the surprises, the peculiarities, the unique way that MS presents itself and works through each person!

WAI Unexpected Guest

Jump at the Sun
in partnership with Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. 

Writers of Jump at the Sun

Facilitated and Directed by Katy Liljeholm and Sarah Peters

Written by Mariam Admasu, Aletha Chavis, Darcell Dance, Phylicia Haggerty, Alexis Lawrence, Jean Loomis, Gracie Mason, Lela Roberts, Leslie Unthank
Recorded by Phylicia Haggerty, Wienta Mebrahtu, Felicia Slider, Alexis Lawrence, Mariam Admasu, Fayine Hussien, Brittany Brown, Aasha Benton

Monica Houlemard, Heather Nichelle-Peres, Lauren Modica, Ithica Tell

Jump At The Sun was an oral history theatre project Well Arts is doing in collaboration with Portland Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

In this program the the Delta Sigmas recruited young African American women who were trained by Well Arts in oral history collection.  We facilitated  12 hours of oral history theatre workshops at the Senior Center and at the Delta Sigma’s June Key Community Center.  This workshop culminated in a two-hour performance of selections of the transcripts by professional African American stage actresses May 2-10th, 2014!

FotorCreated (1)

in partnership with Boys and Girls Aid of Portland

Super-Heroines Fight for Social Justice

Facilitated and Directed by Angie Collins and Ann Singer

It’s slam poetry night and a group of transitional teenage girls spin their stories into gold through prose, poetry, fairytales, music and dance. Come and see: Landays! Slap Rhythms! Fairytales where the girls slay dragons, build emotional and financial independence as well as keen analytical minds that also leave room for intuition and inspiration. These courageous and sassy young girls cast themselves as the heroines in their own stories. Audiences find new awareness about what youth are experiencing today.

Bonnie Littleton, Gary Gilbert, Katy Liljeholm, Heath HoughtonIn the News

The Unexpected Guest

Stage and Studio Radio Interview


A fairy witch runs through a garden!At the Shore of Her Existence
in partnership with Hollywood Senior Center

Facilitated and Directed by Katy Liljeholm

Written by Doris Campbell, Karla Daniel, Patrice Hanson, Shirley Hendrickson, Ester Stotik, Yvonne Williams

Arlene East, Maryanne Glazebrook, Pat Lach, Kristen Martz, Danahy Sharonrose, Jennifer Zubernick

Pat Lach, Nancy Aldrich, Shelley B. Shelley, Maryanne Glazebrook, Slipped in Between ThingsSlipped in Between Things
in partnership with REACH

Facilitated and Directed by Katy Liljeholm

Written by Kathy, Paulette, Beryl, Jim, Robyn, Patrick, Spring

Nancy Aldrich, Maryanne Glazebrook, Curtis Hanson, Pat Lach, Shelley B. Shelley 

slipped in between

Cast of A Wall is a RoadA Wall is a Road
in partnership with NAMI

Facilitated and Directed by Katy Liljeholm

Written by Lynn Lucky, Jan, Robin Layne
Jessica Geffen, Sharon Mann , Samson Syharath, Rick Zimmer
WAI Wall Road

Returning Writers Workshop

Facilitated by Sandra de Helen and Heath Hyun Houghton
Directed by Nannette Taylor

Written by Larry Blackledge, Michael Braem, Vince Falco, Patrice Hanson, Katherine Rose, Harley Sachs,  Paulette Stokes, Spring Svart

Kathleen Barnebey, Sue Ellen Christensen, Carl Coughlan, Katie Mortemore, Kevin Newland Scott, Rick Zimmer

WAI fixed

Actor Susan Jonnson, A Touch of Well ArtsIn the News

Beautiful Minds

Stage and Studio


A Dose of Reality Graphic and TitleA Dose of Reality
in partnership with Hollywood Senior Center

Facilitated and Directed by Katy Liljeholm

Written by Ardis BayLaurel, Linda Burke, Shirley Hendrickson, Helen Villalobos, Yvonne Williams

Sue Ellen Christensen, Pat Lach, Jenny Newbry-Waters, Bobby Ryan, Chris Shields

Writers and Cast Voices of Our Elders: We Are Still Here
in partnership with Friendly House

Facilitated and Directed by Katy Liljeholm

Written by Patrice Hanson, Carolyn Meade, Katharine Rose, Hope Sasek

Sue Ellen Christensen, Curt Hanson, Robynn Hayek, Pat Lach, Jenny Newbry Waters, Bobby Ryan, Clara Weishahn

Actor Kristen Olson-Huddle, What's Important is The StoryBeautiful Minds: What’s Important is the Story
in partnership with NAMI

Facilitated and Directed by Katy Liljeholm

Tony Broom, Otneil Henig, Jenny Newbry Waters, Kristen Olsen-Huddle, Stara Shatki, Brian Tennison, Michael Teufel, Jennifer Zubernick

WAI What's Important

Cast, Writers, Katy 2I:You
Returning Writers Workshop

Facilitated and Directed by Katy Liljeholm

Written by Michael Braem, Vince Falco, Katherine Rose, Hope Sasek, Michele Torland, Rosemary Werring

Sarah Degrave, Maryanne Glazebrook, Lauren Modica, Will Schmerge, Ashley Williams


In the News

Actors Nicole Child, Cecily Overman

Voices of Our Elders: We Are Still Here

Voices of Our Elders’ unearths personal stories

Voices of Our Elders participant Katharine Rose from the “We Are Still Here” on Part Time Playhouse (Timestamp:17:56)

 Oregon Live


FotorCreatedSurviving and Living with Cancergroup 2

Surviving and Living with Cancer II

Living with HIV

After War, Our Lives in America
in partnership with VA

Surviving MS
in partnership with MS Society of Oregon

Voices of Courage 
(Children Surviving Cancer)

Recovery: Write Now

Sharing War Secrets

Stuck: Walking on Needles

Voices of Our Elders (NEA Grant)

Voices of Our Elders: The Best is Yet to Come

Voices of Our Elders
in partnership with Elm Court

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