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Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds


This is a drop in workshop for people living with mental illness, as well as caregivers, family, and friends of people living with mental illness.  We’re working on metaphors, style, voice, and character to reveal the truths of mental illness, as well as, you know, being alive.  The performances will be in March 2012.

Location: Washington County Center, 18680 Southwest Shaw Street
Aloha, OR 97007-1250.

Time: 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month from 11am-12:30pm

 Click here for a map to NAMI Washington County.


Soldier's HeartSoldier’s Heart

Soldier’s Heart is a creativity and story workshop at Portland Vet Center, open to veterans served by Portland Vet Center and referred by a staff counselor.  We use meditation, theatre exercises, visual art and writing to help veterans feel comfortable beginning to explain their experiences to those who are closest to them.  This is an annual, 2 month workshop with an invited read at the end of the workshop on location at Portland Vet Center.  Each veteran invites one family member or friend to hear their story.  The next workshop begins in September.



Just Like YouJust Like You

In partnership with the NW Downs Syndrome Association


A partnership between All Born (In), a program of the Northwest Down Syndrome Association, and Well Arts.
In late 2013-early 2014 we’re doing a two month workshop with parents who are members of the NW Downs Syndrome Association. These are all parents who have children with Downs. We’ll help the parents write plays about their experiences, and their children, with at least two sessions with the children themselves (paired with volunteer scribes). The parents at NW Downs Syndrome Association want to tell stories that counteract the popular belief that being a good parent to a children with Downs Syndrome requires superhuman effort. Their families are like so many others. We want to take away some of the mystery and stigmatization around living with Downs Syndrome, and help empower audiences to feel confident to approach people with Downs in their own community.


Unexpected GuestThe Unexpected Guest

with the National MS Society: Oregon

Ten years ago, Well Arts partnered with the National MS Society to do a four-month writing workshop, resulting in our performance, “Surviving MS”.  Well, not only are our participants surviving, but ten years later their lives are rich and full (the good news) and many more people have joined their ranks (the bad news).  In honor of this event, National MS Society and Well Arts are partnering again to create, The Unexpected Guest. This two-month playwriting workshop will be held at National MS Society: Oregon from November-January!  We’ll be focusing on the surprises, the peculiarities, the unique way that MS presents itself and works through each person!  Performances will be in March!


Jump At The SunJump At The Sun

An African American Women’s Project

An intergenerational playwriting workshop specifically for African American Women to tell stories around issues they face in Portland. Promotion of the final performance will be aided by Race Talks.


stories 14 image

Youth Stories for Portland

Boys and Girls Aid of Portland

It’s slam poetry night and a group of transitional teenage girls spin their stories into gold through prose, poetry, fairytales, music and dance. Come and see: Landays! Slap Rhythms! Fairytales where the girls slay dragons, build emotional and financial independence as well as keen analytical minds that also leave room for intuition and inspiration. These courageous and sassy young girls cast themselves as the heroines in their own stories. Audiences find new awareness about what youth are experiencing today.

The workshop will culminate with a presentation during Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival.


StoriesOne Day in the Life

Created by and starring the amazing young women at STEP

Well Arts Youth program continues their partnership with Boys and Girls Aid with 10 incredible young women in the STEP (Shelter, Transition and Evaluation) program.

These are girls ages 10-18 who are part of the foster care system, and do they have stories to tell- funny, tragic and always epic. They’ve participated in an improvisational comedy storytelling workshop since February, and now they’re gonna show us their stuff! First they’ll warm up the crowd with their expertise in imitation, give a glimpse into their daily lives through parody and sketch comedy. The final act will leave you wanting more when they perform original stories and poems intermingled with songs performed as solos, duets and all together as a group. Then they will top off the evening showing the audience improvisational games they have mastered, even having them join along. What could be more fun and exciting?

Join us in June for the final show which will be open to the public.


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