Elder writers watching the performance of their life stories from our Voices of Our Elders workshop at Summerplace

For Elders

Well Arts Institute provides writing-for-theatre workshops for the 60-and-over set through “Voices of Our Elders”.  These workshops provides basic and intermediate creative memoir and poetry writing skills to all comers.  We write and share in supportive, warm community!  Professional actors are auditioned annually to work with elders to put those stories on stage.  Our elder[…]


Partnering With Well Arts

Well Arts Institute partners with area organizations to offer writing for theatre workshops. We provide workshop facilitators, financial and logistical support.  We hire directors, actors, designers and technical crew to produce staged readings.  Partners are required to help with publicity, volunteer support, and additional financial and logistical support. We work diligently to make sure the[…]

Katy Liljeholm, A Touch of Well Arts

A Summer Intensive

University of Florida has one of the oldest Arts in Medicine departments in the country.  And they provide artists-in-residence for the university hospital, Shands (named after the Florida senator, William Shands, who was instrumental in founding the teaching hospital).  The Arts in Medicine department also partnered with the university’s Performing Arts Department to bring famous[…]

Well Arts Muse

Well Arts Muse

As a Well Arts muse, you are an important part of our monthly income.  You sustain our drop in classes, make it possible for those classes to have admin, marketing and volunteer management support, and show our large funders that our work is important to, and supported by, the community.  Click on the muse below[…]



  Beautiful Minds at NAMI This is a drop in workshop for people living with mental illness, as well as caregivers, family, and friends of people living with mental illness.  The current theme is: “My Eye”.  We’re working on metaphors, style, voice, and character to reveal the truths of mental illness, as well as, you[…]

Elder writers watching the performance of their life stories from our Voices of Our Elders workshop at Summerplace

We Need Scribes!

We are so excited at the office!  We’ve finally nailed down dates for our partnership with Geezer Gallery and Elm Court Loaves and Fishes downtown!  We’ll be offering a Voices Of Our Elders Pilot Program at Elm Court, November 2nd-November 12th, Tuesday and Fridays, from 2-3:30!  We’ll use images, photos, objects, music to inspire us[…]


Ways to Give

Donations The community building we do can only be done with community support.  Your donation provides a space for community members to share stories, creating opportunities for understanding, healing, and celebration. EScrip Donation Drive We are currently in the middle of a new fundraising drive called EScrip. Escrip is a California-based fundraising organization that is free[…]

August 11th 2010: Who Knew So Much Could Happen In Just A Few Weeks?

For those of you on our email list, you’ve already heard about the big changes. Our Communications Director par-execellence, Sarah Marshall-Hayes got a new job after 6 years in the Well Arts Office. Luckily, she’s still doing our books and some very necessary grant writing. Valerie Moore, our beloved Executive Director stepped down as Executive[…]

Fertile Ground logo

Fertile Ground in January, 2010

January 2010 Well Arts was part of Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival in January 2010! January 22, 26 and 29th, Well Arts brought new stories to the Armory Building mezzanine sponsored in part by Portland Center Stage as part of the city-wide festival of new works. Stories from Terwilliger Plaza, Summer Place, Emerson House and independent[…]


Well Arts Presents Voices of Our Elders at the Olympic Mills Commerce Center November 7 – 15, 2009

Friendly House, Emerson House, Summerplace and Terwilliger Plaza seniors  had an opportunity to write stories of their experiences working through the creative process with actors/scribes from the Portland theater community.  DIRECTED BY LORRAINE BAHR        KBOO Lorraine Interview Olympic Mills Commerce Center 107 SE Washington St. Portland, OR 97214 Raffle:  Ongoing November 7th through November 15th with winners[…]

Propose a Writing Workshop

Are you an artist who wants to explore the emotional impact of a traumatic event: physical, emotional or mental that has affected you, your family and community? Contact: Katy Liljeholm, Artistic Director 503-459-4500 Click here to email!       See Past Projects to see the variety of conditions we have written about and performed.[…]


  Well Arts Institute offers many people the chance to participate in projects that have meaningful impacts in our community. Our writing programs are structured to end with a staged reading. Volunteers may work in a writing workshop or assist with rehearsals and production. You can sign up for our Volunteer Newsletter by filling out[…]