Well Arts Institute

 To explore, develop, and practice creativity as a means of wellness



Actor Jennifer Zubernick, What’s Important is the Story

Well Arts Institute

A nonprofit, arts organization that explores  the health of our community and its members through the reflective lens of the arts.

We partner with local organizations to bring professional artists to facilitate playwriting and oral history theatre workshops for people facing physical illness, mental illness, or social trauma. 




Actors MaryAnne Glazebrook, Will Schmerge, I:you

Our process begins with writing workshops. Facilitators guide participants as they write their stories.

Then, a director and the participating writers cast professional actors to perform the stories for the general public in stage readings.

We support the people who are coping with illness and stigma by offering them a creative space to develop their experiences into imaginative, theatrical presentations in collaboration with professional actors and stage directors.

By connecting our community through empathy and creativity, we learn and heal together.


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