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 Breaking Rank

In partnership with Returning Veterans Project and Wise Counsel and Comfort

Written By
Jeanne Clayton (BM3, Navy)
Patti Jay (SSGT, Air National Guard)
Jojo Jackson (Airforce/Army)
Layna Lewis (Enlisted, Army)
Sandy Scott (Officer, Air Force/Air National Guard)



Facilitated and Directed by Jessica Dart

Margie Boule, Stephanie Cordell, Garland Lyons,
Sofia May-Cuxim, Cecily Overman, Andrea White

US Armed Forces female service veterans share their stories of breaking barriers and overcoming odds.

The play will explore the experiences of women in the U.S. Armed Forces: some have survived tours of duty in combat zones, some cope with military sexual trauma, all of them share what it was for them to be living and working in a male dominated environment.


Sponsors include The Collins Foundation, The Jackson Foundation, Oregon Arts Commission, and Tom Janisse.


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