Escrip Gets Businesses All Over Donating To Well Arts

What is Escrips?

Escrips is a California-based fundraising organization that is free for nonprofits and donors to use.  When you register your credit card with escrips, you can have businesses you buy from donate to up to three nonprofits!  A few quick faq’s.

Does this cost me anything?

This costs you nothing. There are no fees or special requirements.  Businesses you frequent donate a percentage of the money you spent at their establishment to Well Arts to support our programming.

Is this secure?

Escrips is well protected and often used by donors like you!  Information you provide the website is confidential and cannot be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever. You can sign up for escrip’s newsletter if you like, but you won’t be put on any businesses’ lists.

What do the businesses get out of this?

Your business, and a warm, fuzzy feeling for helping us.

So how do I do this?

Well, let’s go through it step by step here….

Signing Up For Escrips

  • Click here or copy and paste the following link into your webbrowser.  This will take you to the “About Escrip” page so you can explore a little more.
  • Then, click here or copy and paste the following link into your webbrowser.  This will take you to the sign up page!
  • Click on Group Name and then type in Well Arts in the last box and click Search.
  • Click on Well Arts Institute.
  • Click “Next” to proceed to the next step.
  • Fill out info to sign up your debit/credit card. Hit Submit and you’re DONE!
  • If you look at top right corner on the page where you sign in you’ll see “Online Mall” and “Online Store”-which means if you shop at Zupans’ any 5 locations a percentage of what you buy with your card you have registered will go to Well Arts.
  • Online Mall means you if you buy online with your registered card at any of the participating stores you see listed, a percentage of that will also go to Well Arts.
  • Dining rewards: you are automatically signed on to this by registering your card. Here is a list of restaurants in Portland that participate, but you can put your area in the search engine and it will give you a list of places near you. And they are all over-even in Hawaii!! Just use your card when you dine out


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