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A Production Shot from Well Art's Performance of Veterans' Writing "After War: Our Lives in America"

Well Arts partners with the Portland Vet Center to provide an annual, two-monthlong story-arts workshop.

By incorporating writing, visual art, and basic theatre practice, we hope to give veterans tools to begin to organize and share their story with others.
The workshop culminates in an invited read.  Each soldier brings one family member or friend to the final session, and reads part of their story aloud.  This program has the dual goals of fun and empowerment through tools of expression.

This workshop is open to any veteran being treated at the Portland Vet Center.
Veterans served at Portland VA may be able to be referred to the program in the future.

Currently, this workshop begins at the end of September, and ends in the beginning of November.  If you would like to join this workshop, you will need a counselor at the Vet Center to referr you.  You can call the Portland Vet Center at 503-688-5361, or toll-free at 877-927-8387.  If you would like to contact us about the program, call 503-459-4500!

The Vet Center Program was established by Congress in 1979 out of the recognition that a significant number of Vietnam era vets were still experiencing readjustment problems. Vet Centers are community based and part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and provide individual, group and family counseling to all veterans who served in any combat zone.

Actor Will Schmerge in our Reunion Writing Workshop, "I:you"

 Veterans And The Arts

The National Veterans Art Museum
Veteran Artist Program
United States Veterans’ Art Alliance
The VA’s National Veterans Creative Arts Festival

Veterans Art Foundation
Veterans In The Arts
Veterans Writing Project
Veteran Voices
Veterans Writing Workshop
Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace
Combat Paper Project
Vet Art Project
Blue Star Theatres

Other Resources For Veterans

The Veterans Stress Project
This is a network of volunteers who teach EFT (tapping on acupuncture points) to veterans to help manage PTSD symptoms.  There is some very interesting research to support this, so you might like to check this out as an option! And you can call 503-281-0195 for more information about EFT for veterans in Portland.

The Oregon Military Support Network
This is a statewide network of government programs, nonprofits, and corporations that provide employment or resources for veterans.  They’re fantastic at connecting individual service members and veterans with help, and fostering collaboration!

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